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Apparently, according to my three lovely daughters I can’t start a blog without introducing
myself so here goes … Nice to meet you!

A photo of myself and my grand-puppy, Ridley.

My name is Karen and my children like to refer to me as 50 sexy although most of the time I don’t see myself that way at all.

I am happily married most of the time and have raised three amazing young women who are my pride and joy. My family is a huge part of my life but I cannot lie – I love my job and have over the past 30 established a successful and rewarding career in healthcare.

We live in a beautiful home in a small village on the river which I often refer to as heaven on earth and I wouldn’t change my quiet life for the world.

A good friend once told me that I had been blessed with a “blissful” life. I have indeed been fortunate to experience many great things but my journey to date has not been without its ups and downs. Over the years, I have lived my life with the belief that if you pour your heart and soul into something, anything is possible. Believe it and you can achieve it. Life truly is what you make of it.

Running a marathon at the age of 17 was probably my first major accomplishment and I proved to myself that hard work and dedication pays off. I wasn’t much about school but I studied hard and graduated from the University of Waterloo. French was absolutely my worst subject in high school but I decided that in my life being bilingual was going to be important so I travelled to Chicoutimi, Quebec to learn French. Just marrying my husband was a huge challenge, and through sickness and in health, we have been married for 27 years, and I still love him (most of the time). My girlies are now young adults, making their way in this crazy world. Each has chosen to pursue a career path that will provide them with an opportunity to make a difference in this world and I couldn’t be more proud.

My husband and I in Peru – 2017

In a nutshell, I consider myself to be for the most part happy and usually healthy, enjoy cooking amazing food when I’m feeling inspired, listen to all sorts of music and smooth jazz is my favorite. I read books – historical fiction is my preference, mountain bike in my backyard, bike to work when the spirit moves me and have fallen in love with yoga. I like to shop local, love to travel off the beaten track, have a flare for decor and fashion and appreciate the finer things in life!

Although I had always thought I would write a book for working moms, “Head Above Water”, I just never got around to it. Now that I am menopausal, I honestly can’t remember what I did to survive so I think that ship has sailed. Instead, I’ve decided to get with the times and write a blog:

Coffee and Chardonnay.



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