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It’s been a long while since I’ve written. To be honest, I was waiting for the day that I felt like my old self but, who is that truly ? I have slowly come to the realization that I can’t remember what it feels like to be pain free and full of boundless amounts of energy… Continue Reading →

Pure Intention : Live a Life of Grace and Gratitude

I recently learned that a lovely friend from years ago passed away suddenly.  As I sat in sadness and disbelief, the word that surfaced to mind was grace.  She was  authentic, kind, loving, funny, brilliant and talented. Simply put, she was a beautiful being inside and out. The last time I saw her, she was… Continue Reading →

Pure Intention : Rooted In Being

Recovering from COVID seems to be taking an eternity although,  in the whole scheme of things, 15 months really isn’t that long.  Every time I thought I was getting better, I would return to my old ways and slowly, my symptoms would creep back. I believed that a successful return to work and physical activity,… Continue Reading →

The First Mess Cookbook 

Vibrant Plan-Based Recipes to Eat Well Through the Seasons by Laura Wright Canadian Food Blogger and Vegan Cookbook Author My first vegan cookbook. Now a gift that I give my children and close family and friends who appreciate a good Inspired by M.F.K Fisher’s An alphabet for gourmets , Laura wanted to share “A reverence… Continue Reading →

Top Pick Food Blogger : Laura Wright First Mess

The First Mess food blog was one of my first discoveries when I started tapping into Bloglovin. There are so many great recipes out there but Laura Wright’s First Mess is my top pick of the week .  Here are just a few of the recipes I have tried and highly recommend : Wild Ginger… Continue Reading →

Pure Intention : Living Well Consciously

Essential Ingredients for Wellness – June 28 , 2021 WELLNESS – the act of practicing healthy habits on a daily basis to attain better physical and mental health outcomes, so that instead of just surviving, you’re thriving. I guess I can now say that the silver lining of this past year is my new quest… Continue Reading →

Pure Intention : Appreciate every moment

Isn’t it Ironic… You grow up wishing you were older…you get older…you wish you were younger . You grow up wanting time to go more quickly, you get older,  time is suddenly going by way too fast. You meet the love of your life and want to spend every waking moment with them … would… Continue Reading →

Happy Summer Solstice!

Dear family , friends and followers When I set out on my quest to bring joy to others during a global pandemic , I honestly believed that my personal struggles with COVID were in the rear view mirror.  Heading into the new year I felt hopeful and excited about what the future had in store…. Continue Reading →

Happy International Chardonnay Day!

In honour of International Chardonnay Day, I’d like to raise my glass to a hidden jewel I recently discovered in Vieux Hull, Quebec: Astoria Bistro Botanique. During my impromptu visit, I picked up a wonderful treat—a bottle of Bodan Roan – Chardonnay. If you’re a Chardonnay enthusiast like me, you won’t be disappointed. Looking forward to… Continue Reading →

Too good a story not to share

Written on May 9, 2021 As I opened my eyes this morning, the first image that came to mind was of my mother, sitting in the back of a van.  My parents had travelled to Oakville to visit my sister and her family for Easter. My niece had an exam on Tuesday so it made… Continue Reading →


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