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Pure Intention : Resilience

“While facing challenges and going through adverse situations are common human experiences, the ability of some people to survive, even thrive despite adversity is impressive. Individuals considered as “resilient” manage to react in a positive and harmonious manner when difficulties arise, and adopt behaviours that enable them to reframe setbacks as opportunities for growth.” Embracing… Continue Reading →

Top pick: Superfood

Chia seeds are an ancient superfood — they were a mainstay of Aztec and Mayan diets because of their nutritional value. The word “chia” means strength in the Mayan language, and the seeds were known as runner’s fuel. This concentrated protein source is also rich in fiber, helping keep the body full and energized for… Continue Reading →

Top Pick : Good Reads

On March 31, 2017 I listened to an interview on CBC’s The Current.  I was very touched by the conversation and so inspired by both the author of the book and the woman she wrote about .  Laura Lynch , Friday host was speaking with Melissa Fleming, chief spokesperson for the office of the UN… Continue Reading →

Top Pick : Cookbook

Cannelle et Vanille Nourishing, Gluten-Free Recipes for Every Meal and Mood “My hope, dear reader, is to share my love for cooking, which has been a remedy for many physical and emotional growing pains in my life . I hope this book will likewise inspire you on your own path of nourishment as well as… Continue Reading →

Top Pick : Inspiring women

“Sherry is a beautiful being who also happens to be a gifted, well-schooled teacher and healer. While we can all take courses to learn new skills and receive certifications, there are no textbooks (that I know of) for learning how to hold space.  Sherry does this with ease and taps into the wisdom of the moment.  Whether… Continue Reading →

Top Pick : Local Experience

My latest discovery, Boreal Farm and Farm Store – Low Quebec.  Owner Christa De Benedetti is a beautiful soul, full of warmth and creativity . The food grown, and prepared by De Benedetti, and by members of her community, is sold from an existing building on her property; a farm store, open every Saturday and Sunday from… Continue Reading →

Pure Intention : Practice Mindfulness

Consider this mountain. Steady as a rock …. STRONG, STILL, STABLE.  Even when the weather gets nasty, it remains unmoved by the elements around it.  Mindful awareness allows us to maintain an inner sense of stability and stillness, even when times are challenging. We can train our brains to respond to challenges with the same… Continue Reading →

Top Pick : Green Kitchen at Home

Almost a year ago now, I discovered the most amazing cookbook. I have yet to try a recipe and not fall in love with it. My favourite section is “Fridge Favourite” “On their own, these basic recipes are quick and easy to prepare; by having them readily available in the fridge, we make dinner preparation… Continue Reading →

Feeling Inspired !

It was minus 34 when I woke up this morning and my Fitbit gave me a rating of 1 out of 100 for “readiness”. Like what does that even mean ???  “Nice, you recently went above and beyond with activity. Now, your body might need rest. For active recovery try light walks, stretches or restorative… Continue Reading →

Pure intention: Live life to the fullest

Happy New Year ! I recently arrived back from my trip abroad. Before I left I was feeling quite terrified. Still experiencing the effects of Covid, 18 months in , I was very apprehensive about leaving home. My daughter is studying in Amsterdam and I had promised the family would meet her somewhere in Europe, for… Continue Reading →


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