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Farewell for now ….

Dear friends,  I started this blog over two years ago now. I was struggling with a chronic illness.  Although my initial intent was to support other long haulers, writing about my experience proved to be very therapeutic and for this, I am truly grateful. When I got Covid for the first time, I intuitively knew…

Top Pick : Chardonnay

“Tom Gore Vineyards Chardonnay White Wine opens with intense aromas of Fiji apple with lightly tropical notes of citrus and juicy, ripe pear complemented by toasted oak and spice. Fermented in 60% barrel and 40% stainless steel, this California chardonnay is pale gold in color. The fruit aromas carry through in the flavor with bright…

Pure Intention : Unplug

Last week I was sitting in the waiting room at the optometrist’s office. We were a total of 4 people. An older couple and a younger woman, plus myself. I was the only one without a cellular device in hand. During the half hour that I waited, only one woman came up for air when…

Cookbook of the Month !

At Home in the Whole Food Kitchen Celebrating the Art of Eating Well By Amy Chaplin Inspire me you did Amy Chaplin ! What an incredible work of art. I absolutely love this cookbook. I received it as a birthday gift from my girls and I have cooked up a storm this week. There…


Congratulations to all of you who challenged themselves to the 3 day Winter Detox Cleanse 2023. It sounds easy enough. I mean heck, what is 3 days of your life? I can attest to the fact that it’s harder than you think but, totally worth it. I must admit, almost got up at midnight for…

You’ve Got This !

Today I listened to a fascinating take on breaking bad habits. Dr. Judson Brewer, psychiatrist, world renowned addiction expert and author of ‘The Craving Mind’, facilitates a Masterclass on I would strongly encourage anyone who’s interested, to take a listen. There’s far too much content to summarize but, here’s my take away. I thought…

Pure Intention : Be a Warrior !

As promised, here’s the program for Winter 2023 Detox Cleanse. I strongly urge you to challenge yourself. Commitment is a scary word for some but I guarantee, you won’t regret it! The basic structure of your day will be the same throughout the 3 day period but you have the choice to switch it up…

Stocking Up for 3 day detox cleanse !

Some of you were asking for a recap leading up to the 3 day detox cleanse starting Monday February 6 so it makes it easier to write up your shopping list. Step 1 Review the recipes below and make some choices. Step 2 Create a shopping list. Step 3 Always easier if you do meal…

Pure Intention : Commitment to Self

I’m going to let you in on a secret. I already did my 3 day detox cleanse and guess what ?? I FEEL AMAZING 🙂 I went cold turkey with no caffeine or alcohol and didn’t even have a headache. It’s not that 3 days is that long but, along with the restricted diet,no social…

Detox Cleanse Winter 2023 – Are You Ready ?

During the month of January, I followed Bethany Douglass’s advice to “ease into the new year”. Rather than creating lists of goals and aspirations, I let myself rest, slow down, be present and listen. When we create space for listening, “we open the door of infinite possibilities”. Bethany Douglass : Ease Into the New Year…


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