4: Pure Intention : Faith

Written late August 2020

COVID-19 Long Hauler home remedies

Just when you think you’re on the road to recovery…BAM

I never got around to writing survival techniques for working moms so now that all I seem to be able to do is rest, I am going to try something totally different…COVID-19 Long Haulers

Coping Strategies 101.

I. “Live in the moment” has taken on a whole new meaning in my life. Since being sick with COVID, I have never felt so terrible physically and been so challenged mentally. In the beginning, I didn’t want to believe that I had it so I tried to ignore my symptoms and then the symptoms took over my entire sense of being and that’s all I could think about. I was totally consumed with when I was going to feel better and when life would return to normal. Basically, I was living in the future, visualizing myself back at work doing what I love to do and living in the past remembering all the great things I enjoyed doing – biking, swimming, and travelling, to name a few.

What I have learned over the past few months is that the best way to live through this part of my journey is to enjoy the moments when I feel good and rest when I’m not feeling my best. It is really hard not to try to resume life as you knew it the minute you start to feel somewhat like your old self. That’s the crazy thing about this virus. You really can start to feel almost normal one day and then that same day the symptoms start to take over again. I can’t even say that’s it’s gradual, it’s like bam…back and you totally forget what feeling good felt like.

II. When you open your eyes first thing in the morning, try not to focus on how you’re
feeling because you might be disappointed and that’s not the greatest way to face your
day. Try to be grateful that you are still alive and breathing. What I have started doing is
to focus my energy on the people in my life who maybe aren’t doing very well right now
and send them good vibes. I am thankful knowing that this virus is not an illness that I
am going to die from and hopefully, someday I will feel like my old self and the day that
happens, I will celebrate but for the time being I will focus on what is good in my life – my
supportive family and friends; my beautiful home; good food that I am still able to enjoy;
music and whatever else the day may bring.

III. Routine is my saviour. I usually try to get up at 6:30am during the week and sleep in
till 8am on weekends like I would normally do. If I’m in pain, I will soak in a hot bath with
epsom saIts followed by a few Advil – perfect way to start the day! I always get dressed
and make sure I’m looking as best as I can, even if I’m not going anywhere. I drink hot
lemon water to start, followed by a wonderful cup of coffee (Wakefield Blend – Fair
Trade coffee is my absolute favorite), and I am slowly starting to enjoy the flavour again. It’s been such a beautiful summer, I often sit on our back porch in my husband’s
rocker (normally he would be quite possessive about his chair but since I’ve been sick
he’s been quite good to share – small miracles cease to amaze). I am taking pleasure in
little things and watching all the birds in our grove of trees.

When I’m feeling up to it, I take my dog Jackie for a walk. As I mentioned before, he is my loyal steed and he basically dictates where we go and for how long! He may be 14 years old but he loves a walk – for him the longer the better. This is when I try not to let the symptoms take over my thoughts. If I allowed that I would never go anywhere . MIND

Morning Yoga set up.

IV. Yin and Restorative Yoga has basically saved my life. I love yoga but of course have not been able to go to class in person for months. In the beginning when COVID first started, I joined Pure Yoga online and then graduated to Ritual, which requires a lot of energy. When I first got sick, I stopped doing everything, until just recently when I started feeling a bit better. I have changed my membership to a new program called Pure Life TV and I am absolutely loving it. The online classes are between 35 – 50 minutes in length and are not too strenuous, which is perfect for right now. They also have videos on making
different smoothies, which is also fun. There is a session for bed time that I haven’t tried yet but I think as my energy increases this is something that I would like to explore.

V. Engage in meaningful activity. Up until recently, I wasn’t able to read because I didn’t
have the concentration so I listened to different podcasts and radio programs. My
favorite go to’s are:

Series on demand – I have indulged in several which I highly recommend if you haven’t yet discovered:

  • Dead to Me ( Netflix ) – Wonderfully twisted and funny
  • Big Little Lies ( Crave)- Excellent soundtrack and acting is superb
  • Little Fires EVerywhere ( Amazon) – Based on another great book by Celeste Ng
  • Unorthodox ( Netflix)-Acting is superb and excellent story line
  • Killing Eve – I can only recommend this to those of you who can stomach lots of
    gore. I have my eyes shut for most of it but in between really enjoy the acting
    and humour.
Front entrance look!

Journaling – it’s good to write down your thoughts and feelings every now and again and something I have dabbled with over the years. It’s ok to just sit and contemplate life too . It really has been a privilege to be able to sit on my dock and watch the water go by. For me, nature is therapeutic and I feel so grateful to be living in such beautiful surroundings.

Gardening – I’m terrible but have actually enjoyed trying to keep my potted flowers alive. which for me has proven to be quite challenging, yet satisfying. Some mornings it takes all of my energy to make myself get out of my rocker and fill up a watering can but I always feel better once it’s done. I focus on the flowers, not my symptoms and this is a good thing!

Home decor – I enjoy decorating and although it takes me forever to decide what I want to do I especially enjoy the planning process , although the end result is also fun. I have restarted getting House and Home magazine which has always brought me joy. I am obsessed with magazines and recipe books and my love for both has been restored much to my family’s dismay! (Mirror and table pictured below are from Lot7.)

VI. Eat healthy! Take the time to plan healthy meals that will help make you feel better.
Some of my favorites include:

Raspberry Lemon muffin
  • Canarino (Hot water with lemon peel) – Goop Clean Beauty by Gweynth Paltrow
  • Grapefruit and Ginger shots – The Yoga Kitchen
  • Smoothie (fresh fruits, almond milk or Kefir; bee pollen, chia seeds, flax, açai powder, moringa powder) – Homemade recipe which is absolutely delicious
  • Raspberry Lemon muffins by Cookie and Kate blogger (my husband loves to pick fresh raspberries from our backyard and this year was the first time he actually got serious about it and they are so so nummie!)
  • Detox soup (beet or sweet potato, onion, 6 garlic cloves, fresh cilantro, spinach,
    cayenne pepper, water) – Naturally Nourished by Sarah Britton
  • Veggie Burgers (beans, brown rice, tomato paste, fresh basil, sunflower seeds, cumin / coriander, garlic, nutritional yeast, tamari, salt and pepper to taste) – First Mess by Laura Wright
  • My favorite comfort food has been Maison riviera yogurt (made in Quebec), which is absolutely delectable and always makes me feel better 🙂
  • Drink lots of water (add collagen to help with skin and hair or try infused water with lemon, cucumber, and mint) and herbal tea (my favorite is Numi Organic tea – turmeric Three roots – with ginger, liquorice and rose). I also recently started drinking Calendula Officinalis by La Fee des Bois Apothecary, which is a natural tonic that helps increase the efficiency of the immune system and has anti – inflammatory properties which will hopefully help with the pain.

These are just a few things that have helped me over the past few months. This kind of
thing is of course very personal as we are all unique beings. What brings me pleasure
may not be appealing to someone else. It’s really important to figure out what works best
for you but just remember that you are not alone. I am hopeful that this too shall pass
but in the meantime, it is what it is.


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