Pure Intention : Resilience

“While facing challenges and going through adverse situations are common human experiences, the ability of some people to survive, even thrive despite adversity is impressive. Individuals considered as “resilient” manage to react in a positive and harmonious manner when difficulties arise, and adopt behaviours that enable them to reframe setbacks as opportunities for growth.”

Embracing Resilience – Catherine Morin May 28, 2018


So here’s the deal . In December 2021, I miraculously turned a corner and recovered from Covid after 18 months of misery .

For four months, I enjoyed a life of bliss . I felt energetic , joyful and first and foremost grateful for the gift of health and wellness . I was able to cross country ski and even started running again. Life was good . So good that in March , I decided to reignite my love for patient care and signed up to volunteer in our local palliative care unit . I was in my glory . It felt wonderful to finally be in a position where I could help others in need.

Alas, my situation changed and during my third shift on the unit, I was exposed to Covid. The following week I tested positive . Dang it .

I must admit the last three weeks have been challenging .

Although I am still not fully recovered , I refuse to go down the “deep dark hole” I’ve referred to in the past . There are days when I want to pull the covers over my head but every day, I make a conscious choice to rise and shine .

The Tsunami has struck again but this time round I have a ton of resources to tap into . I’m putting everything I’ve learned these past two years to the “test” , so to speak .

I can honestly say that I have moved effortlessly beyond the fear response and am learning to embrace uncertainty .

Life is good and I am grateful for and accept what is .

In the coming weeks as I continue to recover from the nasty , I will share some wonderful discoveries that have helped me keep the boat afloat .

Until next time ,


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  1. Hi Karen, I’m sorry to hear you’re going through a hard time, yet again. I do have a question, however. I thought if you got Covid once, you wouldn’t or couldn’t get it again as you should now have antibodies to fight it. Are we being misinformed about this or is it possible to get a different strain? I sincerely hope you continue to think positively and work towards your goal of reaching a happy and healthy state very soon! xoxo


    1. Hey Lise darlin ….You can absolutely get it a second time unfortunately . I don’t know how common t is but it happens . This is a different version of the original Covid which I got 2 years ago . I’m fully vaccinated but hadn’t received the booster . I had heard it was not recommended for long haulers and was so enjoying feeling well that I put it off. I had an appointment booked to receive it the week I got Covid for the second time so had to cancel and now won’t be able to get it for 90 days . The reason I had decided to get it was because I was supposed to go visit Genevieve in Amsterdam on April 25 for a few weeks . I should be there right now 😦 Such is life . You can’t get into the Netherlands without the booster . These past few weeks definitely haven’t been stellar but I am surviving . The initial symptoms were the exact same as the first time round expect this time I had a fever. The good thing is the cough has already gone and last time it went on for months and felt like I had bronchitis so there you go ….things could definitely be worse . My lingering symptoms are the same though fatigue and chronic pain . This too shall pass my friend . I am not the same person I was two years ago and this is a good thing . My level of stress is pretty much non existent and I feel so grateful that I’m no longer working . Anxiety appears to be in. my rear view mirror now . I meditate twice a day , do yoga and am pretty darn Zen 🙂 🙂 🙂
      Hope you and Marc are doing well xoxoxoxooxoxox


  2. Goodness gracious, Karen! I’m so sorry to hear that this can happen twice, and somehow you got to be the one to win the prize. But the good thing is: You’re not wanting to call 911! (Just teasing you about ‘old memories.’) Marc and I send you kisses and good thoughts! xoxo


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