Pure Intention : Let it go !

Until very recently, I was obsessed with dandelions. For as long as I can remember, dandelions have been a signal that my life is out of control. That among other signs….hairy legs and armpits ; a Christmas wreath that remains on the door, well into March; an empty bird feeder. The list goes on and on.

For years and years, I tried to keep up with it all. My life was absolute craziness. I wanted to be on top of it or at least appear that I was. Believe you me, there was a lot to stay on top of. Looking back, there were so many times when I felt totally overwhelmed. Anxiety would slowly grab hold of my entire sense of being and I felt that I was spiralling out of control ….just like the dandelions !

“Ayurveda teaches that emotional well-being is essential to health…..emotions are intended to flow freely …We may stay stuck in feelings of sadness, regret, fear, or anger unable to let go …. Overtime, this stored up emotional pain or Ama, obstructs the flow of energy….creating symptoms of discomfort and dis-ease”. Chopra Health:Ayurvedic Lifestyle

I guess what I’m saying is, I wish that I had learned to let go of a lot of things. The image of the person that I thought I should be, and a lot of emotions that went along with it when I didn’t feel that I was measuring up.

My Mom often said to me ” I wish you didn’t have to take it all so seriously” ! It used to make me so angry when she would say that. Oh but I did! In my head, my entire life would become unraveled, if I didn’t. My mother was a wise woman 🙂

Just before Covid hit, I think I was finally coming up with strategies to keep my head above water. Like the time I deleted over 15,000 emails from my mailbox in one afternoon. I had kept things in that box”just in case”. Just in case what ?? I decided that if whatever it was I had kept for all this time was that important ….they would get back to me. Talk about emotional freedom 🙂

According to Ayurveda, “the good news is that no matter how long we’ve been accumulating emotional pain, our essential nature is balance and as we release the toxic residue of past experiences, healing can occur.”

There are definitely things that we can’t control, but every day I am gaining a better understanding of what we can. The number one take away for me, has been choosing to reflect on a situation or conversation as opposed to reacting to one.

Nowadays if someone cuts me off, I choose to smile and nod instead blasting the horn and giving them the finger 🙂

I’ve let go of the dandelions so to speak and it really is quite refreshing.

This spring, our yard was a beautiful sea of yellow, swarming with lovely bumble bees.

Life is good.


PS Here are few detox resources that I promised you …

detoxescleanses *my apologies to Nat who has nothing good to say about Gwyneth Paltrow …I just can’t help myself. I love her Beauty Goop book and some of the recipes on her site are wonderful :



Infused water is another thing I enjoy during the summer months !


And finally a detox broth that I absolutely love. So simple !

Love Love Love


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