Pure Intention : Choose Wisely

Choice, is the most powerful tool we have. Everything boils down to choice. We exist in a field of infinite possibilities. Every choice we make shuts an infinite number of doors and opens an infinite number of doors. At any point, we can change the direction of our lives by a simple choice. It is all in our hands, our hearts, and our minds.

So here’s the thing ….

Last night I ate a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios for supper. Now to be clear, I wasn’t the one who bought this box of sweetness. I have old Sergio to thank for that. I opened the cupboard and sitting on the shelf were two choices… Cheerios and Captain Crunch.

I believe I chose the lesser of two evils ….right ??

What was I thinking ? As I finished my second bowl of blissful crunchiness, I started to think about the choices we make, every moment of every day. I became acutely aware that I have been feeling incredibly healthy as of late. How quickly one forgets what suffering feels like. No more chronic pain and fatigue to keep me in line!

This past week, I have started to let old habits creep back into my daily existence. I am waking up later; obsess about physical exercise; convince myself that Jack doesn’t really want to go for a walk, so I don’t feel guilty about going for my ski; eat handfuls of black liquorice bites throughout the day (Panda brand made in Finland is oh so good !); opt for coffee and cream over a matcha oat latte and oh….can’t forget this one …I’ve binge watched two series this week and stayed up past 9pm on more than one occasion. What the Sam Hill ??

I have come to the conclusion that I am on a slippery slope peeps ! So, what to do…go back to my old way of being which brings instant gratification and pleasure or, live consciously, being mindful of every choice I make ?

Of course I choose the latter. I have finally found balance in my life. It has taken me over two years to built a solid foundation of wellness. My health is a gift and I want to continue to choose wisely.

This is not to say that I am totally giving up the things that bring me pleasure. If I said I was going to do that, I would be lying. Let’s just say that moving forward, when I do occasionally choose to self indulge, I will savour every moment without guilt.

Self awareness and moderation are key, in my ongoing quest for wellness 🙂

Reflecting on my words of wisdom pure-intention-2023-ease-gently-into-the-new-year, I’m feeling grateful that time is still on my side .

  1. Retreat from screens or other activities that might distract you from true rest – So far failing miserably !! Netflix is a total distraction 😦
  2. Keep a small notebook or journal for reflection, gratitude and ideas for the future – Normally, I’m pretty good at writing in my notebook but this past week I stayed up too late watching Netflix. I’m spiralling out of control !!
  3. Go for walks to connect with the winter season – Because I’m so focused on the physical aspect of skiing, I haven’t been going outdoors just for the sake of communing with nature. Last weekend I went skate skiing. Two younger men flew past me and I actually tried my darnedest to catch up . Nearly killed myself in the process . Damn ego !!
  4. Follow natures lead and hibernate for the evening hours. Give your physical body rest and sleep. – I’ve been hibernating alright…sitting on my couch watching Netflix !! I don’t think that’s what they had in mind.
  5. Light candles in the twilight hours. Natural light is a beautiful thing.- I love candles and will make a conscious effort to light one while I’m doing yoga, instead of watching Netflix 🙂
  6. Be intentional about resisting pressure to set goals or expectations for the year to come. Wait until you are coming from a place of rest to look at where you want to go. So far I have 3….Commit to selfless service ; establish a daily routine and stick to it, if not all of the time, most of the time ; be mindful and make healthy choices while occasionally, giving myself permission to self indulge 🙂

Have you taken some time to check in with yourself ?

No pressure but, the month is already half over !!



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