Cookbook of the month !

Today, I’m revisiting what I had intended for this blog, way back when.

I am obsessed with cookbooks. These days there are so many of them to choose from.

I figure it can’t hurt to recommend one every now and again 🙂

The Green Kitchen – Delicious and Healthy Vegetarian Recipes for Every Day

“This book is filled with recipes from our everyday life, along with some simple tips on how to get a more varied and greener pantry.We find food inspiration from all over the globe. We hope that we can inspire you to pursue your own way into the world of whole foods.” David Frenkiel & Luise Vindahl

This book is a gem. So many nummy recipes. Here are a few of my favourites. Some of them can be found on line (I have included the link) but, others are only available in the book.

Yesterday I went for a long ski and when I came home I was in much need of an energy boost. I highly recommend trying the Hemp Protein Bars.

Full of goodness.

Simple and effortless 🙂




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