Pure Intention : Challenge Yourself

In November 2022, I did my very first detox. It was an ayurvedic cleanse and, even though it was only 3 days, I found it quite  challenging. 

The hardest part was letting go of some of my daily habits, like sipping on a cup of coffee every morning. Surprisingly, no alcohol was a non issue for me but could prove to be more of a challenge for some. 

There are lots of detox cleanses to choose from. In fact, it can be quite overwhelming! Enough to turn you away from doing one altogether !

I have to say that I felt really good afterwards and I was proud of myself for sticking to it, even when I craved something other than what was on the menu. 

Heading into the month of February, I thought it would be fun to propose embarking on this 3 day journey together. Sometimes it’s easier to do something, when you know you’re not entirely on your own. 

I think 3 days is a great place to start, wouldn’t you agree ?

Over the next few days, I will be sharing some things to consider, leading up to the 3 day challenge. 

If you’ve been thinking about doing a detox cleanse, don’t procrastinate anymore.

What are you afraid of ?

Just do it !

I promise you, it will be worth it 😁

Hope you enjoy the ride, 



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