5: Pure Intention : Gratitude

Written September 2020 A Gift… For many weeks after getting sick, I was constantly wondering when I was going to feel better again. I was consumed with my symptoms and all I could think about was getting back to the way I used to be.  Gradually, I have made a conscious decision to accept my... Continue Reading →

6: Falling off the rails

Written late September 2020 Recently, I was asked about my COVID journey to date and everything I have experienced up until now symptom wise. For me, it started off with the typical signs of the flu: sore throat, headache, chills and that achy feeling when you know you’re fighting something that will hopefully go away... Continue Reading →

8: In retrospect : 2020

I have started to come up with my own theory as to why my COVID symptoms have taken so long to disappear.  When the global pandemic struck my life like a bolt of lightning, I hit the ground running. It was so stressful on many levels. If I were to do it all over again, there... Continue Reading →

9: Pure Intention : Balance

Written mid December 2020 In Pursuit of Wellness Something about this picture just makes me smile Part 1 Possible solutions to lessening, alleviating and potentially eliminating your COVID symptoms. The initial focus of my blog is targeted towards COVID Long Haulers but these strategies can be applied to anyone who is facing life challenges and... Continue Reading →

11: Pure intention : Wellness

In the perfect world, we would all have the time, opportunity and resources - a list of ingredients for the “optimal” life balance experience .  I want to reiterate that what I choose to share on my blog are merely suggestions and possibilities that could potentially contribute to your personal state of well being .... Continue Reading →

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