Too good a story not to share

Written on May 9, 2021 Petunia As I opened my eyes this morning, the first image that came to mind was of my mother, sitting in the back of a van.  My parents had travelled to Oakville to visit my sister and her family for Easter. My niece had an exam on Tuesday so it... Continue Reading →

Pure Intention : Restoration

The importance of self nurturing has never been more important. April 15, 2021 Many think I’ve dropped off the face of the earth and some days it feels like I have . These past months I have been challenged with the evils of COVID and struggle to make sense of it all . From everything... Continue Reading →

Pure Intention : Embracing Womanhood

Written March 8, 2021 Happy International Women’s Day! Throughout my life, I have had the privilege of connecting with a multitude of incredible women who have influenced the person I am today. When I think of these beautiful beings, countless words come to mind…inspiration; strength; resilience; courage; compassion; connectedness; camaraderie; laughter; creativity; brilliance and kindness,... Continue Reading →

Pure Intention: Family Time

February 15th, 2021 This past year, the importance of my family has risen to a whole new level. For many of us, the restrictions resulting from a global pandemic have meant making difficult choices we never imagined having to make and yet,  this experience will potentially change us for the better. I know for me, ... Continue Reading →

Pure Intention : Immunity

Simple Suggestions Full of Goodness February 1, 2021 Simple Suggestions Full of Goodness It is hard to believe that an entire month has come and gone. This morning, I took a quick peek to remind myself of my plan to embrace 2021.  When I think back to January 1, I know that a part of... Continue Reading →

Pure Presence : Embracing 2021

From  December 16-23 I took a week vacation and focused all of my energy on putting together this blog . I wanted to respect the deadline I had set for myself to launch on December 21. I never miss a deadline ! During this time I totally disregarded everything  I have shared with you in... Continue Reading →

A quick word before you begin…

My COVID long hauler experience has been a transformation of sorts which comes across in my blog entries. As you read my posts in sequence from late July to mid December 2020, you may notice that I tend to repeat myself.  Moving forward in 2021, I will dig deeper, focusing on specific strategies that have contributed... Continue Reading →

1: Pure Intention : Perseverance

Written late July 2020 The Long Haul   - Persevere - Two of my favorite things in life: Coffee and Chardonnay and for the past two months I haven’t been able to truly enjoy either. I am what they refer to in the COVID world as a “long hauler”. Although I have never officially tested positive,... Continue Reading →

2: Pure Intention: Patience

Written end of July 2020 This too shall pass… Many years ago I went through a period in my life where I suffered from anxiety in a big way. I was a working mother of 3 young children, trying to be a super Mom, wife, daughter, employee…you name it. I wanted everything in my life... Continue Reading →

3: Pure Intention : Breathe

Written mid August 2020 Avoiding the vortex of self despair. Last night, I woke up in the middle of the night struggling for my breath. This is a first for me. I layed there for a while trying to catch my breath and calm my nerves but ended up losing it. There are moments when my... Continue Reading →

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