Full of Goodness

Another recipe to inspire you in the kitchen.... Simple, healthy, seasonal and oh so good 🙂 I love bowls . I almost caved in and got Sergio to make supper last night but then I took a look in the fridge and came up with this. Wanna know what's in it ?? 1 cup Quinoa... Continue Reading →

Pure Intention : Breathe

Breath is life. When I look at this photo, I think of myself all of those years ago. It was all I could do, to keep my head above water. It sounds like such a simple thing but, some of us struggle with this more than others.  For me, learning to breathe has been a... Continue Reading →

Full of goodness …

Tantalizing Tempeh Salad with Pickled Watermelon Radishes As promised. A few more of my own creations:) A few years ago I fell in love with watermelon radishes. The look of them that is, not so much the taste. I'm going to reference my friend Gwyneth Paltrow again because that's where I saw my first watermelon... Continue Reading →

Pure Intention : Listen

Simple and effortless I don't know what the weather has been like where you are, but here in Wakefield, Quebec, it's been a tad on the wet and chilly side. Today the sun is shining and thankfully, this lovely weather is supposed to continue for the next few days. I plan on taking full advantage.... Continue Reading →

Pure Intention : Be Kind

"Be such a person and live such a life that if everyone were as you and every life was such as yours, this earth would be God's paradise" Philip Brooks Last Sunday, I headed into the city. What used to be a daily event, has now become rare occasion. One thing you can be sure... Continue Reading →

Pure Intention : Let it go !

Until very recently, I was obsessed with dandelions. For as long as I can remember, dandelions have been a signal that my life is out of control. That among other signs....hairy legs and armpits ; a Christmas wreath that remains on the door, well into March; an empty bird feeder. The list goes on and... Continue Reading →

Pure Intention : Live Life Graciously

I learned today that an old colleague that I hadn't seen for years, passed away suddenly. There are certain people you meet in life and will always remember, regardless of how much time goes by. To live life graciously, is to be kind and compassionate with everyone you encounter, unconditionally. Feeling blessed to have known... Continue Reading →

Pure Intention : Detox Part 2

I was feeling so good, I stopped off to see my friend and local florist Sue and treated myself to a beautiful bouquet. Too gorgeous not to share a photo! La Coccinelle Chelsea - Flower and Plant Market in Old Chelseahttps://lacoccinellechelsea.business.site Today I went for a lymphatic massage and it was incredible. "Lymphatic drainage massage or... Continue Reading →

Pure Intention : Self-Regulation

"Some see things as they are and say why? I dream things that never were and say why not ?”.George Bernard Shaw For nearly a year, I have been studying Ayurveda, in an attempt to learn more about self-regulation. It’s still early days and there is no cure or magic pill for Covid. For some... Continue Reading →

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