A quick word before you begin…

My COVID long hauler experience has been a transformation of sorts which comes across in my blog entries.

As you read my posts in sequence from late July to mid December 2020, you may notice that I tend to repeat myself. 

Moving forward in 2021, I will dig deeper, focusing on specific strategies that have contributed greatly to my healing process. 

One of the main features will be nutrition and the impact it has had on my overall sense of wellness. 

In the weeks and months to come, I will continue to share some of the ingredients I have discovered during my quest for life balance and wellness. 

Upcoming blogs:

  • My obsession with cookbooks: Karen’s Pick 
  • Kitchen essentials: Ingredients and tools 
  • Karen (the nice one) attempts at daily ritual
  • The beauty of shopping local 
  • Good Reads 
  • Finer things in life 
  • Engaging in meaningful activity: Knitting anyone?
  • What’s all of this talk about manifestation?
  • Off beaten travel


2 thoughts on “A quick word before you begin…

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  1. Hi Karen,
    Too long since we’ve been in touch! I will definitely keep track of your blog entries, and am truly sorry to learn that you have contracted the dastardly Covid bug. Take care of yourself and lets keep in touch. The years are flying by way too fast. Lets reconnect, even if just through FB! Lise xoxo P.S.: Your three girlies are just lovely!!!


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