Pure Presence : Embracing 2021

From  December 16-23 I took a week vacation and focused all of my energy on putting together this blog . I wanted to respect the deadline I had set for myself to launch on December 21. I never miss a deadline ! During this time I totally disregarded everything  I have shared with you in my first 11 episodes and during this time period, my life became anything but balanced !

By December 22 I was feeling tired and unwell . Gradually I have grounded myself  as I reintroduce daily rituals. I basically proved to myself that when I choose to go off course , even if it’s for a good cause , the impact can be devastating . 

I have a new appreciation for the effects social media can have on one’s morale. I have never paid attention to Facebook and everything associated with this. Suddenly, I was all consumed with whether or not people were liking my blog ! I was totally distracted and disconnected from my surroundings which ultimately impacted  my sense of well being. Enough of that !

Thankfully I have come to my senses and remember  what my purpose was in creating this blog –  “to bring joy to others if only for a moment”. I am grateful for all of the positive feedback I have received and this will be my motivation moving forward  with Coffee and Chardonnay  .

This is the time of year where everyone likes to share their new year resolutions. 

For me there are a few things that come to my mind heading into 2021 :

  1. Letting Go – As I shared in a previous blog, my Sergio offered to cook the turkey. Naturally , the end result is that I have been relieved of this duty til death do us part. On Christmas day he was up at the crack of dawn fussing in the kitchen. I never thought I would see the day. He managed to stuff the turkey into the crock pot, lid sealed tight with a bungee cord and 8 hours later, voila….best turkey anyone had ever tasted . All of those turkey’s that I slaved over in past years were long forgotten and I’m ok with that . Everyone helped out in the kitchen this year and I loved it !
  1. Focus on good karma – “Just do good and good things will come back to you”

i) Be kind  – Sometimes it’s hard not to react when someone gets angry with or is critical of you. It is important not to be at the mercy of someone else’s behaviour. Take the high road and respond consciously with love and kindness. Resist the urge to give someone the finger when they honk at you for driving too slowly! Just smile and nod. 

ii) Forgive and forget – The past is the past. Live in the moment and remember there is good in everyone . 

iii) Love more – Even though my husband can drive me crazy a lot of the time I must remind myself that he is a good soul. I will consciously make an effort to listen to his recount of BBC episodes, even if it’s often full of doom and gloom .

iv) Share with others –  One of the best feelings is when you give to those in need . 

v) Eat healthy – This one is pretty easy for me but sometimes I need to be more mindful. Too many Miss Vickie’s Sour Cream and Chili chips is not good for the tummy but at least they are Canadian 🙂

vi) Exercise – it’s so easy to get off track and absolutely needs to be part of daily ritual. Even a quick walk can make you feel so much better .

vii) Commune with nature – This is the best way to disconnect from the world of thought. On the advice of my sister, I have invested in a winter supreme birdseed and much to my delight, people are stopping in front of our house, binoculars in hand to watch the birds at my feeder 🙂

viii) Make room in my day for yoga and meditation. These two ingredients have become essential in my personal recipe for wellness. 

  1. It’s ok to put off today what you can do tomorrow.You don’t have to clean the house. The world will not come to an end if you choose to go for a ski instead of wiping down your stainless steel that has a week’s worth of gunk on it. I am slowly discovering that no one notices and if they do they don’t say anything so who really cares ?
  2. You don’t have to put off what you want to do today because of what day of the week it is. So what if it’s only Monday ?  . If you want a glass of wine ….go for it ! Everything in moderation  🙂 

As we close the door on a year that will certainly go down in history as memorable for so many  reasons, I want to share a  resource that could prove interesting to some readers.

Brene Brown has an interesting podcast “Unlocking Us” which I have referred to in previous blogs.

In her first episode which was broadcast on March 20,2020 she spoke about FFT’s ( f******, first, times ) . Brene shared three strategies on how to deal with any new experience or challenge we may be faced with in life for the first time. 

I absolutely love her message to  “embrace the suck of now”.

  1. Name it 
  2. Put it into perspective 
  3. Reality check expectations 

When I apply this to my own personal experience this past year,  here’s what it looks like for me :

  1. I am a COVID Long Hauler
  2. I have been challenged with ongoing symptoms but I am grateful to be alive and for everything I have learned through my experience.
  3. This may suck for a while .  I keep thinking that I should be better by now but choose to accept what is and embrace the moment.

On December 9 , 2020 “ The Queen’s Gambit. Revisiting FFT’s and resting our tired brains” was aired. In this “On My Mind” episode, she revisits FFT’s and talks about tired brains and new strategies for recovering from too many hard first times . 

I absolutely love this episode. 

Brene refers to the global pandemic as “the worst ever FFT” . 

  1. Name it – We don’t know how to do this which can lead to anxiety and fear. BREATHE.
  2. Put it into perspective – we don’t know when it will end but it won’t last forever.
  3. Reality check expectations – it’s not easy,  it’s not fun and it’s not going away any time soon. Rise up to the challenge and adjust your sails accordingly.

New strategies:

  1. Build in rest and recovery. Our brains are tired from dealing with so many FFT’s  and R&R are essential to refuel !
  2. Get and Stay in fit FFT condition. I absolutely love this part !It is up to each of us to determine what this looks like in our lives . It can be a combination of things that she refers to as “spiritual condition” : workout; meditation ; alone time ; connections with others ; giving are her own personal examples . 

I believe that in 2021 we all have the unique opportunity to embrace the moment and rise to the challenges we are faced with moving forward. 

Take time to connect with yourself at a deeper level. 

Breathe and Be . 

The manifestation of pure presence cannot only benefit you on a personal level , it  can also help change the world .

Happy New Year !

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