Pure Intention : Restoration

The importance of self nurturing has never been more important.

April 15, 2021

Many think I’ve dropped off the face of the earth and some days it feels like I have .

These past months I have been challenged with the evils of COVID and struggle to make sense of it all . From everything that I have learned this past year, I do have faith that this too shall pass but still find myself asking when ??????

Many of the articles and sources that I have referenced as of late, stress the importance of self nurturing and some compare it to gardening. It’s really quite simple. If you don’t tend to your garden, the weeds will take over and the plants will not thrive. 

Like a flower,  human beings are resilient and if you dig deep enough you will discover that all of the essential ingredients to heal can be discovered within .

Anyone who knows me personally is well aware that I am a lousy gardener on the best of days and I think metaphorically this also applies to my life . The stressors of everyday survival have been building up for years and my body is screaming for me to stop and take time to smell the roses.

I think the greatest hurdle has been to give myself permission to disconnect from the world if only for a while, creating the space for stillness and creativity . 

I wanted to take this moment to reach out and let you know you have not been forgotten . The doer in me still loves a plan and mine is to reconnect with you all on June 21, 2021. 

Until then ,


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  1. Hello lovely, Thank you. Everything you’ve expressed rings true to me, personally, including the “lousy” Gardener part!! Here-here to the lousy gardener club!! The energy it takes to organize thoughts and feelings, put them “to paper” to share with others, IS, in my humble opinion, a HUGE step in the execution of a plan!! This is not a pep talk, this is, honestly, how I feel. Discovering how to love and nurture ourselves IS the hardest “job” I’ve/we’ve ever done, harder than parenting, I’d argue. We’re doing it!! … one day, one moment at a time. Sending much love and TLC. XO

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