Pure Intention : Appreciate every moment

Isn’t it Ironic…

You grow up wishing you were older…you get older…you wish you were younger .

You grow up wanting time to go more quickly, you get older,  time is suddenly going by way too fast.

You meet the love of your life and want to spend every waking moment with them … would do anything for them … can’t get enough of them…want to be their world…years later you have become the centre of their universe and all you want is some alone time!!!

You become a working mom and are totally preoccupied with the challenges of everyday, entering into total survival mode. 

Work…the meals the meals the meals…household duties…activities…family celebrations…it’s non stop…You are constantly trying to figure out how to  fit everything into 24 hours.

You daydream about being a stay at home Mom. You go off on maternity leave for the third time and suddenly find yourself daydreaming about returning to work! 

Years later you are a stay at home Mom but the kids have all moved out ….your husband finally learns to cook and clean but you now have all the time in the world  to make the meals and clean the damn house . Problem is there is no one to cook for and the house doesn’t get dirty cause there’s no one living in it !!Oh and that pile of laundry in the basement is no longer. You actually fold the socks and place them in a drawer…what has life become?. 

The time when getting a speeding ticket while grooving to Ricky Martin, three kids in tow ,  late for daycare and work yet again an average day,  is a distant memory . 

Be careful what you wish for…

Spending your time desperately wanting things to be different from what is can create feelings of dissatisfaction, restlessness and anxiety. 

Words of wisdom…accept what is and revel in the moment. 

The past is the past and no one knows what the future holds. 

Be grateful for every moment and live  like there’s no tomorrow. 

Adapt to the new and the now.

 Everyday is a great adventure if you allow it to be so.

 Embrace the now and challenge yourself. 

Be kind, be humble and live with purpose. 


June 20, 2021 Life is a gift .

2 thoughts on “Pure Intention : Appreciate every moment

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  1. This is beautiful, Kare. Love the bit about the sock-folding!! The question I have about that is, « are they dirty or clean??! ».

    Will be thinking of you as I try out another new adventure.

    Lots of love xxxooo



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