Pure intention: Live life to the fullest

Happy New Year !

I recently arrived back from my trip abroad.

Before I left I was feeling quite terrified. Still experiencing the effects of Covid, 18 months in , I was very apprehensive about leaving home. My daughter is studying in Amsterdam and I had promised the family would meet her somewhere in Europe, for Christmas .

Travel stresses me out at the best of times but during a global pandemic ?? Yikes !

Who knew that exploring  the land of the unknown would completely transform my sense of being.

I had the absolute time of my life. Fell in love with the beautiful city of Lisbon (the people ; the food; the wine and the sights) and Tenerife was magical (small quaint villages to explore ; Mount Teide ; the beaches and so much sunshine). 

Early on  into our trip, I came upon a centering thought “I move effortlessly beyond the fear response“ Moving forward, everytime I stepped out of my comfort zone which happened quite frequently (driving a manual  on treacherous one lane roads along the coast ; Covid test after covid test ; trying to figure out local transit ; oh and I can’t forget about  flying – I have a huge fear of airplanes especially when we travel over long stretches of open water !). I would pause , focus on my breath and say the verse . It probably sounds absolutely nuts to most people but guess what ….it worked ! Something in my being shifted . That feeling of unwellness that I had felt for oh so long, slowly dissipated, replaced with a sense of ease.

After a month full of adventure and memorable moments, I am back to a new version of my old self and it feels fantastic. I walked more km’s than I have in ages and I even managed a strenuous hike in uneven terrain at high altitude. It felt absolutely amazing. 

Since coming home I’ve done some research on how travel can heal. 


It never once crossed my mind that I would come back feeling fully restored and rejuvenated.

These past months, my mind set has truly changed. I no longer think about what could go wrong and choose to focus on what will go well.

Feeling blessed,


2 thoughts on “Pure intention: Live life to the fullest

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  1. Welcome home, mon amie, and Happy New Year! Clearly, 2022 will be a year of rebirth for you in so many ways. It was so nice to see the ‘old’ Karen in those pictures! Keep it up, Karen, you deserve it. Hope Geneviève is enjoying her time studying in Amsterdam. Bonjour à Serge et les filles! xoxo


    1. Thanks doll ! WE truly had an amazing time . Gevie is doing so well at school . An incredible life experience for her . Maybe you and I will finally get to see each other in 2022 after sooooooo many years ?? Love to the fam xox


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