Pure Intention : Blissful Living

Living a blissful life ultimately means living according to a meaningful purpose you choose for yourself, the one that fires your blood.” According to Jade Mercury “finding bliss, living a blissful life and staying blissful forever are universal desires that we can all achieve.” 4-areas-of-blissful-living-how-to-be-happy

Years ago I can remember a friend telling me that I was living a blissful life. At the time I didn’t think much of it but, as you can see, her words stuck with me. Reflecting back to that moment in time, things really were wonderful. I was pregnant with my first child, most of the time I loved my husband, we were living in a charming house and my work was totally fulfilling. Fast forward a few years and I can tell you that life, felt anything but blissful! Where did the feeling of perfect happiness and great joy go to ? There is no denying that I was blessed to experience more moments of blissfulness, for which I am truly grateful, but if I’m being totally honest, a good part of the time I felt totally off kilter. For the majority of my life I have been in overdrive and am only now, finding my centre.

Over a year ago, I read an article in the magazine ” In her Studio ” – Spaces and Stories of Creative Women : Following Bliss by Karen Valentine. Karen opens her piece with a quote from Joseph Campbell,

” Follow your bliss and doors will open where there were no doors before. “

During a time when I was struggling with an illness that had taken my identity hostage and had literally sucked the joy and happiness from my life, her words gave me inspiration and hope. I had been wondering if I would ever find meaningful purpose again. In her article, Karen describes how she lost her job and she “did some serious soul searching and decided ‘she’ wanted to do something that would fulfill ‘her’ need for creativity.” Karen started her own blog design business. I actually reached out to her to see if she would be able to provide me with any words of wisdom and, got back to me within minutes! Here is what she wrote ” I just finished visiting your blog. You write beautifully. I think just as you found you could relate to many of my words, so will others relate to yours. I think that you must do what feels right to you. If you are able to retire and use your blog as a way for you to heal and help others heal as well, then I say go for it! ”

Fast forward to this present moment and I believe that blissful living can be a way of life. Choosing to live consciously, our choices and actions can elicit a desired response for optimal and harmonious living.

This past year, I have learned many practices that I consider to be building blocks for the foundation of well-being. Meditation, yoga, pranayama breathing, healthy eating, self care, vagus nerve stimulation….the list goes on and on.

My latest discovery ? Mudras. Even though my life has calmed down considerably from how it used to be, I can still experience moments when I feel like I’m spinning out of control.

Mudras are hand gestures that you can “use anytime you feel scattered, uncentered, or distracted by circumstances around you, so that you remember that quiet space of stillness that is always within you.”

They can be used to cultivate qualities of focus and concentration, compassion, motivation and inspiration.

Learn to “dissolve into bliss”….Mudras

Trust me ….these techniques are simple and produce results instantaneously 🙂


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