A Tribute to My “Sista”

Self-guided walking holiday on the Lighthouse Way, Galicia, Spain
Know that we will realize your dream. You will be with us, every step of the way.

My dear Jan,

You are a good friend to many, a God mother, special Auntie, but most importantly, you are my big “sista”.

It’s hard to believe that just over a year ago, the two of us were sitting on the dock, enjoying the last warm days of the season. That weekend we shared many special moments together and for this, I am truly grateful. What a gift.

Although much has changed this past month, the love that I feel for you is ever lasting.

I feel a certain sense of urgency to share with the world, what a brave soul you are.

Rather than fight, you have chosen to accept what is with such grace. You have replaced fear with love and as a silent observer, I am in awe.

I so appreciate that regardless of what is happening, we are still able to share a laugh or two. As Mom always said…..we mustn’t take ourselves too seriously. I promise that I will continue to watch Grey’s Anatomy and Bridgerton, knowing that you are with me in spirit.

There is a song that comes to mind as of late. Unfolding Lucas ….

My dear Jan ….May you be happy, may you be joyful, may you be free of pain and suffering.

I will carry your words with me forever and always ….Cherish your sistas …..we are all sistas !



10 thoughts on “A Tribute to My “Sista”

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  1. Oh, Karen, did you lose Jan? I am so, so sorry for your loss but am amazed by your lovely, touching words. I am there, with you, Karen, you just can’t see me. Love you. Your friend always. Lise xoxo


    1. My dear sweet Lise ….I decided to write this before she passes away. I wanted her to read these words while she is still here.
      Unfortunately she is very sick. It has all happened so quickly. Thank you for your kind words xoxoxox


  2. Hi Karen, I am in deep shock at the news of Jan’s situation. I had no idea she was so ill. When I last chatted with her early in the summer, she was excited about her upcoming trip to Spain. We kept in touch over the years, and I visited her in High River back around 2003. She had a lovely house and with her Poodles she was living an active life and seemed very happy. Whenever I posted a painting on my Facebook page she was quick to like it. In fact she bought one of my paintings. She is a good person and I have often wished over the years that our marriage would have worked out. I never remarried and now live in my hometown of Atikokan with my dog. When you see her, please let her know she is in my thoughts. Gordon


    1. Dear Gordon
      So lovely to hear from you. So many years have gone by but I still remember some great moments I shared with you and Jan. The burning question is ….do you still eat your hamburger with a knife and fork ??
      I’m glad to hear that you kept in touch with Jan. She truly is a special being.
      I will pass on your message to her.
      Thank you so much for reaching out.


  3. Beautiful words Karen, your urgency to share is understood and all who have been blessed to know Janet share your sediments.


  4. I’m so glad that Janet has you for a little sister. I am sure that you inspired her as she inspired others. Janet and I walked the love of solitude fields together and crossed paths in the woods on the Highwood and brushed our invisible wings together in the metaphysical world. Please pass her a smile, a hug, a wish from me for a safe and gentle crossing. Love to her.Kate Major


  5. My loving thoughts are with you sweet Janet, remembering Chilko Lake , Jazz and the bear as well as many special times. You are my heroine , your attitude and determination will be remembered , peace and love to you from Grace,Annie and Carmen


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