Pure Intention : Practice Mindfulness

Consider this mountain. Steady as a rock …. STRONG, STILL, STABLE. 

Even when the weather gets nasty, it remains unmoved by the elements around it. 

Mindful awareness allows us to maintain an inner sense of stability and stillness, even when times are challenging.

We can train our brains to respond to challenges with the same sense of inner calm. 

“Being mindfully aware of our stressors and habitual signs of stress we can choose to react more consciously when life throws us a curveball.” 

Chopra – Education session on Mindful Awareness – Pete Kirschmer – Chopra Coaching Program Director

I’m not going to lie. When my Fitbit gave me a readiness score of 1 out of 100 a few weeks ago, not only one but two days in a row, I almost fell into the deep dark hole of self despair. I had been feeling so well. How could this be happening ??

Years ago when I was struggling with anxiety,  I went to see a psychologist who shared a poem with me. I remember reading it but to be honest, I never gave it much thought.

Something made me think of this time in my life and miraculously, I found the poem – There is a Hole in My Sidewalk.

After all of these years, I think I have finally figured it out.

I consciously chose not to let the fact that I was feeling extremely fatigued and sore after engaging in intense activity for several days in a row , phase me . The old me would have started to create all kinds of scenarios in my head as to what this might mean for the days to come . Had I caught the virus again ? Was this the return of post exertion malaise ? So many fearful thoughts.

Instead,  I consciously chose to listen to my body and give it a rest …. just like my Fitbit suggested I do . For two days I did restorative yoga, meditated, cooked  and watched Netflix. 

I consciously chose to let go of what I couldn’t control ( pain and fatigue ) and moved effortlessly beyond my fear response . I chose to engage in activities that brought me comfort and focused my energy on what I am grateful for . Oh and did I mention that I refrained from drinking copious amounts of wine ? 

Guess what ?? My readiness score rose to 49 and I was able to do some “moderate” activity and felt fantastic . No more pain , no more fatigue . It’s been a month since this episode and I am now feeling better than ever . Readiness score hovers between 75 – 95. I’ll take it 🙂

I am mindfully aware that my competitive nature sometimes gets the better of me and that I have to refrain from trying to pass anyone on the ski trail that happens to look the same age or sometimes younger than me !

Being mindfully aware, is about bringing our full attention into the present moment – engaging 100% with whatever we are doing .

It means shutting down the voice in our head that is reciting all of those negative thoughts and focusing on the beauty of life and its splendour .  

It takes practice and patience but the results can be life changing . 

As my friend Ayya, the Buddhist nun says in her podcast “Time to Defragment” *it is also available on Spotify . With every experience we are given an opportunity to practice mindfulness .”Practice accepting the moment and making peace with it whatever it may be . It’s a chance to use this choice making as a way of bringing ourselves back to the pillars of our practice . Being in the present moment…..opening to the situation skillfully …. we focus ourselves well , make wise choices and then we go onto the next moment” .

If we bring a kind curious attention to moments of challenge we can transform these moments and more easily abide – Pete Kirschmer – Chopra Coaching Program Director

I recently read a blog – 12 Indispensable Mindful Living Tools By Leo Babauta Zen habits

Loved it !

Leo points out that there is no such thing as a stress free life but “these tools will definitely make you more prepared to deal with the stresses that will inevitably come your way “.

So much to share and as usual , I could go on and on .

Will leave it at that 🙂

Until next time ,


4 thoughts on “Pure Intention : Practice Mindfulness

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  1. This is great. I’m going to look up that Leo guy. As for Ayya’s reminder to be in the present moment….I’m not there yet. It will take a while. Being in the moment makes me feel like I’m fragmenting my day rather than defragmenting. Evidently I have some work to do.

    It’s all very interesting….

    Lots of love, Bev. >


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