Top Pick : Green Kitchen at Home

Almost a year ago now, I discovered the most amazing cookbook.

I have yet to try a recipe and not fall in love with it.

My favourite section is “Fridge Favourite”

“On their own, these basic recipes are quick and easy to prepare; by having them readily available in the fridge, we make dinner preparation one step shorter, which is usually exactly what we need to start cooking during the week.”

Green Kitchen

Absolutely the best tomato sauce I’ve ever made !

Here’s a list of their basic recipes you’ll find in the Fridge Favourites section :

  • Quick Quinoa
  • Perfect Pesto
  • Big Batch Tomato Sauce
  • Roasted Root Veggies
  • Rice Crepes
  • Heavenly Hummus
  • Rainbow Flatbreads
  • Pumpkin Puree
  • Lazy Lentils
  • Chia Pudding

They turn staples into different meals , by simply pairing them together and adding one extra ingredient :

  • Quick Quinoa + Perfect Pesto + cherry tomatoes = Simple Salad
  • Lazy Lentils + Heavenly Hummus + Roasted Roots + chopped apples = Hearty lunch
  • Big Batch Tomato Sauce + Quick Quinoa + egg = Satisfying dinner
  • Rice Crepes + Heavenly Hummus + Lazy Lentils = Filled Crepes
  • Rainbow Flatbreads + Pumpkin Puree + Perfect Pesto = Quick Toast or pizza
  • Big Batch Tomato sauce + Lazy Lentils + spaghetti = Easy dinner for the kids !

Oh how I wish I’d had this book while I was raising my children .

They always give alternatives to make their recipes vegan and nut free . Love this !

Here are some of the recipes I’ve experimented with and had excellent scrumptious results …

I hope you enjoy these recipes as much as I did.

I dedicate this post to all of those working moms and young working women struggling to do it all and stay healthy at the same time !

This cookbook is totally worth the investment if you enjoy collecting them like I do .

Take Care !


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  1. These look really good. I might even buy the book. I wish it was soft cover…that’s my preference for cookbooks…but it seems unlikely they’ll publish it that way since it’s been five years since the hard cover was published. Ah, well.

    xxxoooB. >


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