Top Pick : Inspiring women

Sherry is a beautiful being who also happens to be a gifted, well-schooled teacher and healer. While we can all take courses to learn new skills and receive certifications, there are no textbooks (that I know of) for learning how to hold space.  Sherry does this with ease and taps into the wisdom of the moment.  Whether you are a student in her teaching space or a client on her table, you are in good hands.  The best way to learn how to hold space is to be in the presence of one who you feel does it well…the learning happens viscerally and with time.  The best way to tap into your own wisdom is to be quiet and Sherry holds sacred space for this to naturally arise in clients as well as students.

– Suzanne Montford, Level 1 Cranial student and client

Inspiring Women

When I first started thinking about my website, my intention was to create a space to celebrate womanhood.

My focus for the next few months is on small business owners. 

I would like to start with Sherry Rounds, my massage therapist. From the first time I met her, I felt a strong connection. When you visit Sherry’s studio in the woods, just outside Wakefield, Quebec, you won’t be disappointed. She is welcoming, warm hearted and her sense of humour will brighten even the darkest of days. 

For those of you who live in different parts of the world, too far away to benefit from one of her amazing massages, fret not. Sherry has created an incredible product line – All natural herbal topicals​ hand-crafted to ease pain + suffering

Photo of my sacred space where I relax and contemplate life. This past year especially, Mama Earth bath salts have definitely helped ease my pain.

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